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Dragon Support

Dragon Support

Dragon Naturally Speaking(DNS) is an incredibly useful productivity software that has gained immense popularity in the last decade. This speech-to-text software completely redefines the way users operate their computing devices. However, this state-of-the-art software is prone to numerous technical glitches. Some are a result of technical complications, faults and failures. While others are a consequence of incorrect set-up and usage. As such, users get frustrated which degrades the overall experience of the product. At this point, a technically sound and user-centric support service can prove incredibly beneficial. Dragon Support does the same for all variations of the DNS software.

Dragon Support is your ultimate one-stop destination for every issue or problem for deployment and use of DNS application. We provide cutting-edge, user-friendly support service that is best in class. Whether you need a simple quick fix or encountering a complex issue; we are available 24*7  at your service. We employ the best of the resources and integrate it with our experience and expertise to serve you with unbeatable resolutions. 

Besides that, our team of experts work extra hard to ensure your problems are understood clearly. This is essential in diagnosing the problem accurately with a clear understanding of its root cause. As a result, we are able to give you the most effective and efficient solutions that eradicate the root cause of the concern. This guarantees a comprehensive and long-lasting solution. Apart from that, we always encourage users to comprehend the issues and their solutions for the future. Moreover, we also empower them with tips and guidelines that give them the calibre to approach this stunning technology with confidence.

Dragon Support guides you through its setup and usage in the most user-friendly and straightforward method. Once you have successfully installed the software on your system. Then, you can proceed to learn its usage in the most productive way from the vast resource bank of Dragon Support. However, installation alone doesn’t make the software fit for usage. There are a couple of preparatory procedures that render it fully functional for your use. In other words, you are required to activate and register your software product. Thereafter, you should create user profiles to prepare your application for the best in class productivity and experience.


Hence, Dragon Support has enlisted a step by step, detailed procedure for Activation and Registration of your software.


Activate Dragon Naturally Speaking(DNS)

Dragon Support recommends activating your Dragon Naturally Speaking application after its installation. Software activation is a protection feature incorporated to safeguard software privacy. Besides, it ensures that you get a full-fledged original software product upon purchase. In other words, this secure process guarantees only licensed use of the software.

It is a convenient, and forthright process that can be undertaken by any non-technical users. However, some users might get confused. Hence, Dragon Support is explaining this process in a step by step method for the benefit of users. Additionally, if you want to know the number of activations permitted for a single license. Then, check the software’s End User License Agreement (EULA).


* Serial Number

First of all, you will need the Serial Number of your purchased software. You get this alphanumeric code in your purchase confirmation email in case of online purchase. However, in case of offline purchase, you can find it in your Invoice or on the sleeve of the installation CD. 


* Internet Connection

Besides that, you need a secure, high-speed internet connection for this purpose.


How To Activate Automatically?

  1. First of all, launch your DNS software on your computer.
  2. As a result, you will get an Activation dialogue box with options to activate now or later. Hence, click on “Activate Now”. The “Activate Later” button will bypass the process for the time being. You can skip this process only five times of access. 
  3. Thereafter, click on “Activate Automatically” on the following window.
  4. Consequently, it activates your software instantly.
  5. However, in case if you had used an incorrect serial number at the time of installation. Then, it will prompt you to enter the correct “Serial Number”. Hence, carefully enter it correctly. Another key point to remember is that Serial Number contains both alphabets and numbers. This can create confusion between “Zeros” and Alphabet “O”. Hence, Dragon Support suggests you to be extremely careful with this common mistake that hinders the activation process. 

Call Us For Dragon Support


+1(844) 455-8013 (US/CA)


020 8123 1772 (UK)


+61 2 8005 8013 (AUS)


How To Activate Manually?

  1. First of all, launch your DNS software on your computer.
  2. As a result, you will get an Activation dialogue box with options to activate now or later. Hence, click on “Activate Now”.
  3. Thereafter, click on “Activate Manually”.
  4. Consequently, it will redirect you to the “Enter Key” dialogue box. 
  5. Here, you should look for the highlighted link. This is the link to open the Activation Server Webpage. Hence, click on it to open the webpage.
  6. As a result, another window for the Activation Server Web Page will open on your computer. Simultaneously, the “Enter Key” dialogue box will now display the Serial Number and Machine Fingerprint fields.
  7. Activation Server Web Page will auto-populate the required details without any user intervention. You will notice the Serial Number and Machine Fingerprint fields are now filled up.
  8. Thereafter, you should click on “Generate Activation Key” on the webpage.
  9. Consequently, the webpage will provide you with an Activation Key.
  10. Now, type in the “Activation Key” in the corresponding field on the “Enter Key” dialogue box. Dragon Support recommends users to Copy and Paste the “Activation Key” to avoid any mistakes.
  11. Thereafter, click on the “OK” tab at the very bottom of the  “Enter Key” dialogue box.
  12. As a result, it successfully activates your software. 

How To Activate Without Internet Access?

Internet Connection is crucial for the activation process. However, in case if you don’t have internet on your computer which has the software installed on it. Then, Dragon Support can help you with a unique alternative. For this, you will need access to a different computer that has an internet connection.

  1. First of all, launch your DNS software on your computer.
  2. As a result, you will get an Activation dialogue box with options to activate now or later. Hence, click on “Activate Now”.
  3. Thereafter, click on “Activate Manually” to open the “Enter Key” dialogue box.
  4. Here, you will find the Serial Number and Machine Fingerprint. Hence, note it down carefully.
  5. Now, you should access a computing device that has an internet connection. 
  6. Here, you should launch your preferred browser and go to This will take you to Activation Server Webpage.
  7. Next, you should enter the Serial Number and Machine Fingerprint appropriately in their respective fields. 
  8. Subsequently, click on “Generate Activation Key” tab.
  9. As a result, the webpage will display your “Activation Key”.
  10. Thereafter, note down this “Activation Key”.
  11. Now, return back to your computer that has the software installed on it. Your screen must display the “Enter Key” dialogue box. However, in case if you had closed it while leaving the system. Then, launch the application again and go to this window.
  12. Next, you should enter the Activation Key in its respective field at the very bottom of this window.
  13. Finally, click “OK” to complete the activation process.

Register Dragon Naturally Speaking

Product Registration is the next step towards making this incredible software fully functional. Dragon Support has simplified this procedure by elaborating it in a systematized and user-friendly manner.

Dragon Support gives you two alternatives to Register the product. You can either use any connected device and register the product online through your Serial Number. Alternatively, you can register it through the installed software on your computer.

  1. First of all, you should access the application on your computer. For this, click on the software icon from the System Tray(Windows) or Menu Bar(Mac). 
  2. As a result, a small menu box will open. Here, click on “Help” followed by “Register for Support”.
  3. Thereafter, it will prompt you specify if you are a New or Existing customer. 
  4. Hence, select “New Customer” and click “Continue”.
  5. The following window will prompt you to provide certain details for creating your account. For example, your email address, first and last name along with a password that you want to set for this account. Therefore, fill in the details accurately.
  6. Subsequently, click on “Continue”.
  7. Next, it will prompt you to provide your complete address. Hence, enter the correct details. Here, you must select your “Country” from the drop-down box. However, the rest of the details are optional.
  8. Thereafter, click “Continue” to proceed.
  9. As a result, the next window will prompt you to confirm system specifications like Model, Memory, and Processor Speed and Cores etc. Hence, click “Yes” to allow the software to access these details. Then, click on “Continue”.
  10. Next window will prompt you to undertake a Survey which is optional. Hence, you can either complete the Survey or skip it.
  11. Finally, click on “Complete Registration” button.

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