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Dragon Naturally Speaking Support

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support

Dragon Naturally Speaking is an unmatched technological revolution that has completely transformed the way computing devices are used. This incredible productivity software gives users a robust tool to transform the way they work. However, technology like this is always susceptible to troubles and complications that are beyond the understanding of users. At this point, Dragon Naturally Speaking Support brings in its expertise and experience to give users an upper hand in operating their product. 

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support extends custom-made support packages and world-class, intuitive solutions that help users enrich their overall experience. We are a globally accredited team of forward-thinking, professionally skilled and knowledgeable experts who are available round the clock. We are a global technical support provider offering best in class and competent support service. Our experts closely work in partnership with our customers to clearly understand their problem. Only then, we provide solutions that bespoke the highest level of quality and value. 

We passionately target our mission to assist Dragon users with functionalities engineered to optimize their overall experience. We are known for striking long term customer relations eventually turning out into their personal tech-support person. Our team of experts addresses user’s specific requirements with world-class solutions covering a wide array of concerns. Our overall expertise of the Dragon product facilitates us to resolve even the most complex issues in minimum time-frame. In short, we are the architects of impactful and long-lasting experiences that amaze.

Simple Process

Whether you are struggling with the deployment of your new Dragon product or struck up with a technical complication. All that you have to do is contact Dragon Naturally Speaking Support and explain your issue. Thereafter, our team of experts will take over your problem. They will probe deeply into your concern to determine its root cause and scrutinize it for every possibility. Next, you will get an amazingly innovative and highly effective solution. Besides, these solutions will be delivered in the most simplified manner with a step by step procedure. At the same time, they will provide a complete explanation to its causes, procedures to solve it and guidelines to avoid it in future. Moreover, they will assist you in operating the software in the most efficient and accurate way to enhance its functionality. 


Values We Cherish 


Dragon Naturally Speaking Support considers unparalleled service with superior quality of workmanship and professionalism as its lifeblood. Besides ensuring quality, we understand the importance of providing time-bound service with instant results.



Trust, reliability, accountability and transparency is a commitment that we have made with ourselves and our customers. This is a way of life for us that always guides all our actions and practices. 



We truly believe in the power of accessibility. We understand that our existence is fruitful only if we are accessible to our users at the moment of their need. 



Our framework is deeply ingrained with respect for differing viewpoints and perspectives. As such, we ensure that every single customer is unbiasedly listened and understood. 



We have engineered our structure on the principles of integrity. This guarantees that our actions are governed by ethical, honest and lawful behaviour. 



Our passion to forge valuable customer experience has urged us to seamlessly integrate human excellence with innovative technology. A truly empowered team and a satisfied customer is our primary asset. We invest heftily to ensure our assets multiply on a regular basis.



Excellence in every aspect of our dealings is the benchmark that determines how we behave. For Dragon Naturally Speaking Support, excellence is a necessity, not an achievement.


Why Choose Us?

* Proven Track-record Of Serving Excellent Support

Since our inception, we have delivered outstanding Dragon Naturally Speaking Support. Slowly but steadily, we have built our reputation by extending exceptional and user-centric solutions for customers with varied level of technical competence. Besides that, our consistent services have withstood the test of time leaving behind a trail of remarkable landmark solutions. Our vast network of satisfied customers is an indication of our commitment that is hard to ignore.


* Professional Yet Friendly

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support is globally acclaimed for its world-class expert team that comprises of friendly professionals. We ensure that every individual who joins our team has desirable human qualities besides qualifications, expertise and experience. We strongly believe that skills and knowledge alone cannot sustain for too long. Human qualities like friendliness, patience, empathy, intuitiveness, flexible nature, communication skills, etc are essential expressions of our daily life. In fact, our experts are known for their positive attitude along with their technical expertise.


* Award-Winning Service

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support has proved its mettle by offering award-winning assistance to its customers. We have demonstrated amazingly unmatched practices and resolution strategies that bring us this reputation. Our team of experts works extra hard to ensure that every customer gets the best of experience all the time. Their relentless efforts guarantee that customers never leave us without a satisfactory resolution. 


* World Class Service At Highly Competitive Price

At Dragon Naturally Speaking Support, we bring in the best of both worlds. We know that cost is a major deterrent that stops customers from availing technical services. Most of the times, they have to compromise on the quality of the support service in order to fit it in their budget. Therefore, we thrive to keep our pricing plans and overall cost at the most competitive levels without compromising the service quality. 


* Flexible and Always Accessible

It is widely known that technical issues with your software never follows any time restrictions. You can face issues at any point of time which is beyond the facility of regular work hours. However, such troubles demand immediate attention to maintain the functionality of your product. Therefore, our work style is designed to guarantee the utmost flexibility and accessibility. We are available 24*7*365 through multiple communication channels. Moreover, we always fine-tune our services to meet customer requirements. This ensures flexible and fully-customized support service.


* Highly Efficient And Comprehensive Support

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support combines unmatched support service with a holistic and fully managed help desk. This means we provide comprehensive, all-inclusive assistance for any issue that disrupts the performance of Dragon products. At the same time, we ensure that every single issue gets its due share of attention. In other words, irrespective of the complexity of your trouble, our experts will give you the most impactful and efficient resolution. In short, you get detailed and unbeatable assistance for every possible issue under the same roof. 


* Exceptional Service Without Any Boundations

At Dragon Naturally Speaking Support, we understand that long-term customer relations cannot be forced by means of contracts or service agreements. We deeply believe that the quality of our service alone should encourage customers for genuine appreciation. This, in turn, assures that the customer will always return back to us if faced with technical issues. Henceforth, we focus primarily on delivering exceptional service at any cost rather than retaining customers with legal restrictions. Customer’s trust and respect is our lifeblood which keeps bringing them back to us time and again. 


* Customer Experience Above All

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support truly believes in the philosophy of “Customer Is King”. Delivering delightful customer experience is the motto behind all our actions, practices, and behaviour. We place value for users above functionalities, and industry trends. We value your time and money. Therefore, we ensure to give you the most effective solutions quickly along with providing complete guidance. Easy and fast implementation of intuitive resolutions is our sole purpose. We seamlessly merge best industry practices with customer needs to craft unbelievable customer experience.


* Simplicity Is Paramount

At Dragon Naturally Speaking Support, we acknowledge the fact that users purchase sophisticated Dragon products to simplify their lives. Hence, there is no use of a technical support service that further complicates their lives. Therefore, our experts resolve every single issue keeping simplicity as their guiding principle. We construct solutions, processes, and strategies to simplify the busy lives of our customers. That is why we deliver solutions that are easy to follow and explained in their simplest form.


Reasons To Contact Us

At Dragon Naturally Speaking Support, we strive to ascertain that whenever you reach us with any Dragon product issue. Then, you must get an effective and long-lasting resolution at any cost. Based on our experience, we can say that the following are the most common issues that you may encounter. 


  • Download Failed (Windows and Mac)
  • Issues with Free Download (Windows and Mac)
  • Installation Issues (Windows and Mac)
  • Download and Installation Process for Windows
  • Download and Installation Process for Mac
  • Register Your Product (Windows and Mac)
  • Activate Services (Windows and Mac)
  • Dictating but nothing happens
  • Slow performance and non-responsive issues
  • Full-Text Control issues
  • Dragon inserts extra words
  • Issues with Spoken Commands
  • Non-functional Menu Commands
  • Dysfunctional Natural Language Commands
  • Issues with Undo and Start Command
  • Issues with microphone Compatibility and Use
  • Dragon Assistant Compatibility issues
  • How to Start Dictating?
  • How to Create User Profiles?
  • Compatibility issues with other applications

Irrespective of the nature and complexity of your issue, Dragon Naturally Speaking Support is readily accessible for you anytime and anywhere. We are ever-ready to tackle any new challenge that your software may develop. Our team of exceptionally capable, passionate and dynamic professionals will ensure you get efficient and effective service without complicating your life.

Contact Dragon Naturally Speaking Support anytime for instant resolutions on below-mentioned numbers.

+1(844) 455-8013 (US/CA)


020 8123 1772 (UK)


+61 2 8005 8013 (AUS)

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